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Heat pump savings appeal in multi-million dollar homes.

Two newly built up-market residences shown in Iowa's Parade of Homes this season are causing a buzz, not only for their opulence and design, but also for their embrace of geothermal heating and cooling systems – systems from NHP.

"It makes them a bit of a standout," NHP's U.S. sales rep Mike Hunt says. "They are fine homes. They're viewed here as sort of starter castles."

The two gorgeous homes (one storey in-ground, two above grade) are set on large lots (100'x600') in an urban development in Johnston, Iowa (Pop. 5,000), on the northwest fringe of Des Moines.

The homes are 6,000 and 7,000 square feet respectively and in the $2.5-million to $3-million price range. One has an indoor basketball court. They are beautifully appointed. The sold sign is up on one (name withheld). The other is catching a lot of interest. Both have two forced air heating units using NHP's Northstar Series Forcair ground loops.

The appeal here (and source of special interest in this market) is the efficient application of geothermal heating and cooling which promises a $700-$800 yearly energy bill, against $2,700 or $2,800 using conventional fuels. That's what really makes these homes stand out, Hunt says.

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