Case Studies - Community Public Library

The Winkler Public Library, an attractively sculpted edifice of 12,000 square feet, built last year, is served by a seven-unit 42-ton heating and cooling installation. Ed Rempel, Winkler's director of works and operations, says he is happy the geothermal choice was made.

"I think our expectations of savings are being met although, being the plant is less than a year old, we don't have a useful history yet." The city was sold on the heat pump principle as being good for the project and good policy for the city.

"We feel we are obligated to think in greening terms." The chief librarian, Elaine Dyck is especially happy for her part. The heating and cooling is wonderfully gentle but the fact that this building replaces premises of 3,600 feet in the old city centre colors her satisfaction with the library's new home.

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